Nelini Margo Leo

Hi! my name is Margo Langlotz. Thank you for visiting my blog!!

This blogs purpose is to support you as you play/train your beloved dog. And also provide a  resource for dog therapy work and obedience/behavior training.

My background in animals began when I was a child. I grew up fallowing the lead of my mom. A competitive dog  obedience trainer. I learned obedience training  and basic dog knowledge from her.

As an adult, I began training with multiple competitive dog trainers …taking workshops, and studying dog  behavior/ psychology. It became clear while competing at AKC obedience  trials, that my heart was leading me toward service with my dog. I found a therapy dog organization. followed the steps to certification and was off and running!

Then I realized,  a well-trained dog IS the best pet therapy dog. The 2 go paw in paw! So now here I am both  a professional dog trainer and Therapy Dog handler! Helping people connect and train their dogs. I also support their  journey if they choose to become a registered Therapy Dog team.